Book Summary

Jimmy is a young boy who is troubled by his moods and the emotional roller coaster he often experiences. Not realizing that many of these moods are simply due to wrong thinking and a wrong perspective about God. His father is there to help and gives him the inside scoop on “The 3 in Me”.   Listen to Interview with the Author – CLICK HERE

Author – Brief Bio

Phyllis is a mother, wife and minister. She found a passion to write stories for children that bring practical meaning into their lives. She and her husband, James are celebrating 56 years of marriage and they currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Author – Extended Bio

Phyllis’s humble beginnings started in South Central Los Angeles where she was born and raised. She has risen to a level of prominence that can only be attributed to the hand of God working mightily in her life. 

            Married and a mother at 17 she continued to pursue her dream of attaining a college degree.  Eleven years later, she received an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. Her husband realizing that she was serious about college based upon her relentless commitment, despite all her responsibilities, he encouraged her to quit work and become a full-time student.  Two years later she received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in business and accounting. She then sat for the CPA exam and passed all four parts on her first try.

            It was during this time that Phyllis realized that God was and would always be a primary person in her life. She and her family found an awesome church to worship and fellowship and remained faithful.  She and James are both ordained ministers and currently serve at Destiny Christian Center at the pleasure of Drs. Robert and Sheila Poole.

          During Phyllis’ career path she received her MBA degree and served as the Founder and President of a mid-size regional CPA firm located in Long Beach, California for 20 years.

Authors – Appeal to Buy this Book

If you are like me, before I purchase a book, I want to know “what’s in it for me?” Is it a book I can do without? My advice to you is that you don’t want to miss out on this book!

What Inspired The Book

Phyllis is a mother of two, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of four girls. It is this role that inspired her to write the book “The 3 In Me.”  Last summer she decided to invite four of her grandchildren to “Grandma’s Vacation Bible School.” One grandson was in his first year of high school, and one grandson and two granddaughters were in middle school.  The message in her book was the same message to her grand kids. She recently read the book to one of her great-granddaughters.  She is only five years old.  When the reading was finished, her great-granddaughter literally “clapped” her hands.  She said, Grandma, my Spirit will always help me.

            Phyllis is a witness that children understand “spiritual matters” at an early age.  She was only eight years old when she asked Jesus to come into her heart.  Her Pastor said he was only nine years old when he received the call to preach.  Her husband James tells the story of sitting in his middle school classroom when he heard the audible voice of God telling him to preach His word.

Authors Perspective on Children Today

It is said that we are raising a generation of children who have no concept of a Savior God, nor do they aspire to know Him.  We have some children who have all the bells and whistles to keep them distracted from knowing God.  On the other hand, we have children who are living in such poverty and lack until they are simply trying to survive. 

            Parents, teachers, Pastors and other godly counselors, it is our responsibility to keep our children on the right path.  It is not enough to just take them to church.  That is a start, but from personal experience going to church may be an outward expression, but not necessarily a reflection of an inward change, i.e., “what is really going on in the inside of them.”  Everything starts on the inside. 

We must deal with the inner most being of our children.  We want to see visible confirmation of what is taking place on the inside of them.  Scripture says it is not what goes into a man that defiles a man, but what comes out (Mark 7:14-24).  Jesus proclaimed that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in Him. (John 14:30).  We want our children to proclaim the same.  Our children must be fully aware of the “nature of sin” that wants to reign in them by their flesh, but they must know that the Spirit of God resides in them and  is downloading into their spirits (i.e., the inner man) the truths that will set them free.


It is not like any other.  Most children’s books will present a problem for the child and then proceed to help them answer that problem.  The 3 In Me is the answer to EVERY problem your child may have.  Why?  Because it deals with the ROOT of the dilemma.  Any and every issue stem from wrong thinking and a wrong perspective of God.

            This book is easy to understand and helps the child have a “manageable” way to deal with the issues of his or her life.

            What I mean by manageable, is that the issue is not OVERWHELMING.  They can stop saying, I don’t know what to do? Or, I don’t know how?  Their answer will come from within, and not the ways of this world.

FREE TO YOU! – Phyllis has created a Study Guide for you as a companion gift.  This Study guide is absolutely free.  Just click on the link, and it will be delivered to you electronically.  

The Study Guide has four points to be reinforced to your listeners:

  • 1. RECOGNIZE – Jimmy learns that he is Distinct.
  • 2. REVELATION – Jimmy’s dilemma is revealed to him.
  • 3. REPENT – Jimmy discovers the truth about his dilemma with the help of his Dad.
  • 4. REFOCUS – Jimmy learns how to solve his own problem after receiving knowledge from Dad and tools, i.e., the Word of God.


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